October Walk! log

This month’s alignment is to walk 7500 steps every day for 23 days. Why 7500 steps? because Harvard Medical School says: “Mortality rates progressively improved before leveling off at approximately 7,500 steps per day.”

There be a few rules, that may or may not be followed:

  1. The walks will be done outside.
  2. The walks can be divided into several walks during the day
  3. Minimum of 30 minutes for those days I don’t want to walk.
  4. At least 2 minutes of “walk as fast as I can”.
  5. I will report with a screenshot from the health app
  6. I might post a few photos here
  7. I will post minimum 3 times a week.

1. October

Yes I did it – and a few more steps. Lovely walking weather not too cold and not too warm – overcast. 3 means floors climbed. I did it in 2 stages first a longer walk and then shopping. It took a long time because this area is new to me I had to stop several times to navigate.

A fun mailbox I met on my walk.

2. October

My birthday – I didn’t reach my goal but I did a short morning walk.

3. October

Reached the goal and it was easy – a did a morning walk, then a walk later with great-grandkids – a nice walk and it felt great.

4. October

Got the idea to walk to the center of town and back again as it would be approximately 7500 steps.

It walked a bit more because I wanted to check into my apartment, which is getting fixed after a water damaged. It’s dry now but we are waiting for the men at work!

I also did some shopping – a new jumper/sweater for the winter. Soon extra layers will be necessary.

All in all it was a nice walk also in town, however I was tired very tired when I got home. Tomorrow I’ll just do the 7500 steps.

A lovely old traditional wooden house.
Another old wooden house. Not sure the age or the building style.
I am happy about this result. – But 351 kcal burned – just enough for an ice-cream!

5. October

My rain gear is in my apartment – and it was raining heavily all day – so I didn’t walk. Not that rain would prevent me from walking, yet, it was cold and heavily so for my health I chose to stay indoor.

I didn’t enjoy it – because at this stage I started to feel the urge to walk every day. Now it feels so good.

6. October

11410 steps – I did two different walks – one in the morning and one in the evening. LOL just noticed that my app says “Today” and not the date. So I’ll post the overall – at least the proof is in the month and year.

Full green color means 7500 steps as a minimum achieved.

7. and 8. October

No walks – my housing situation doesn’t move, no date for when I can return to my apartment. Yes walks will help and still I am not doing it. There is a reason for this challenge.

9. October

I did halv approx. 3803 steps – at least I was outside a bit.

10. October

No walks, but many visitors. Something is coming.

11.-23. October

Not one day did I reach my goal. I did walk but mostly only half.


4 days out of 23 I did reach my goal – that 17,4% success rate, I had hope to do much better. Nothing happened I can say was the cause. I will work on my mindset and see if it helps.

Next month’s alignment will be an easer for me to do – I’ll probably choose mediation.

Some Walking Were Done (is all I can say)!

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