The new year for me starts in October as it’s my birthday month. This new year 2021/2022 I will do a 23 day alignment every month. By Alignment I mean do more of what is the real me and not something I do to please others or what I society believes what I “should” do.

In October 2021 I will do a walk alignment, I love walking because it makes me feel so good, not only psychically but also mentally. Good for my health.

What I will do the coming months I am not sure of, here are some of my ideas – and they will change – that’s for certain.

  • 23 Days of No Purchases
  • 23 Days of No Social Media
  • 23 Days of Writing at
  • 23 Days of Orgasms
  • 23 Days of Painting
  • 23 Days of Meditation (I do meditation almost every day now)
  • 23 Days of Qi Gong
  • 23 Days of Laughing Every Day
  • 23 Days of No Phone (not sure about this one)
  • 23 Days of Journaling
  • 23 Days of no Alcohol
  • 23 Days of Blogging
  • 23 Day News Cleanse

My November – Meditate every day

My October – 7500 steps a day

I’ll also journal about what I eat because I love cooking, eating and reading about food. I am plant-based so my recipes are with anything from the plant kingdom.

I may or may not journal about my health.